I’m a passionate about Life:  about nature, about people, about cultures, about ideas, and foremost about how one can create and project them by using a small little box  that we call photo camera.

How my passion for photography began? Maybe it was always there but I can remember the day during my teenage years when I was flipping through a magazine and suddenly a black & white photo from Sebastiao Salgado caught my eye.  I still have this image very present in my mind. It was a photo with a field of grass and a tree on the foreground and a skyline of factory chimneys on the background, whose smoke was disguised in the form of clouds. Although the photo was on b&w I could imagine the vivid colours of all that. And I wondered how powerful a photo can be and how it can convey so much emotions and feelings.  And that was it ! I started to carry a camera with me everytime I was away.

I hope you can see in these photos my perspective of this world and I hope I can instil on you the same kind of feelings.  So, just peep through and enjoy.

 “I think it’s possible to walk like Alice through a looking glass and find another kind of world with the camera” –  T. Ray-Jones