Weekend getaway Ronda-Gibraltar-Malaga

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Having a long weekend  break and looking for 3-4 days vacation ideas?

Then, you might have landed on the right spot.

As a long-term traveler, I always search for destinations where I can combine cultural places of interest, seaside locations, sport activities and good food. And when on top of that the flight prices are inviting, then we have a deal.

This time the airplane took me to Malaga, Spain.

Malaga was a starting point to discover the nearby areas. So, we thought to create our own “Triangle Tour”  Ronda – Gibraltar – Malaga.

aerial view of Ronda Puente Nuevo in El Tajo gorge


First stop, Ronda.

Ronda is a beautiful andalusian village on the countryside rising up from the dramatic 723-meter-deep El Tajo canyon. It offers scenic views of the sorrounding mountains and patchwork fields and the old city and if you are not afraid of heights the steep escarpments to the river Guadalevin when looking down.

The village has also a very quiet, peaceful atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, so you can really appreciate your churros con chocolate at sunset from any point of the Puente Nuevo or Alameda del Tajo.

When visiting new places I like to explore and walk away from the centre, which is usually and  by irony the nucleus (the essence) of the place. So, go down the hill and discover the old typical houses of this white village and the not so pretty ghetto where most locals live.

view of Ronda from the southwest residential side


Second stop, Gibraltar

Travel to Great Britain without crossing the sea! Yes, it is possible and it is right next to a Spanish town called La Línea de la Concepción, the most southern point in main land Spain (and of mainland Europe).

This British enclave resumes itself to a tax-free massive rock colonised by Barbary macaques. Which is nothing but special. A very special and worth-visiting place. The highlight of this trip.


Barbary Macaques along the Mediterranean Steps hiking trail, Upper Rock


Climb up the Upper Rock and just make sure to look back to enjoy every single view of this amazing place…and to make sure nothing would be stolen from your bag by the cheeky apes. As it happened to me! Exactly on St. Nicolaus day, he stole from me a St. Nicolaus choco

Take a walk around the Upper Rock and visit many of the historical military sites that are located within the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, it’s worth to visit the Great Siege Tunnels, the O’Hara Battery or the Skywalk Observation Deck.


For those who are always looking for a good way to save a few bucks, then it will be a fun excursion to start dissecting where to do. The economy in Gibraltar is supported by their tax-free shopping centers, so at the very least, you should probably have window shopping on youragenda. It is any shopaholic’s paradise.



Third and last stop, Malaga

Malaga was actually our last stop as it was more convenient for us, closer to the airport where we would catch our plane back home.  We had the luck to visit Malaga during Christmas time, so the lighting in the city centre was fascinating as the design is inspired by the Cathedral of Malaga.

Christmas lighting in Larios street, Malaga



If you like the seaside, then rent a bike and explore the sorroundings, ride along the coast and discover the nice typical fisherman villages where you can eat fresh fish and breath the sea breeze.

El Tintero restaurant in El Palo, Costa del Sol


The most interesting and delicious eating place is called El Tintero.  A restaurant where you won’t be offered a menu, instead you will see waiters walking up and down the restaurant’s isles shouting out the names of the dishes carefully balanced on each arm. A must do if you pass by.

And that’s it.

Time to pack your things again back home! Now carrying with you a lot more heavier bag, full of new memories and experiences that no one can steal from you.

Until next time! Stay tuned!


link to video:

Unfortunately it was not allowed to fly the drone in Gibraltar, so we have only footage from Ronda and our ride along Costa del Sol (near Malaga).

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