why travel?

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Today I would like to write about one of my biggest passions in life:  to TRAVEL

Let’s start from the very beginning. Our first big trip: from our mother’s womb to the outside world. It is our first and most difficult trip, but also the most revealing and rewarding. It shows us how adaptable we human beings are, how we can fit into new environments and adjust to new situations. It is surely not easy for a new-born baby to absorb all new things out there, who was used to live for 9 months in a cocoon  and in one day is suddenly released into a world free of walls, with new sounds, faces, smells, colours….

This is where my passion for travel began, I suppose. I remember how introvert and curious I was as a kid. How I would spend a whole afternoon reading comics and books just to jump into that imaginary world where I would find other creatures and characters, other landscapes and sceneries, that imaginary world where so many things are possible and tangible, where the fantastic and unusual takes place.

It turned up to be this contact that urged my interest for the discovery of other cultures, other worlds and other people. So, as soon as I got my independence and earned my first pennies, I started to travel the world.

From my English summer course in Cambridge, the trip I took to Dominican Republic after I graduated, the visit to  a friend in Israel or my yoga retreat weeks in India, all was part of my  incessant search for the new.  And once I started to travel, I realized how it enriches us culturally and humanly and how it personally gave meaning to my life. It is like an addiction but with  lots of beneficial side effects.

Attached to my travels is obviously photography, another great passion in my  life and also one of the reasons why I love to travel.  I like to capture and register memories and stories, images of buildings, sunsets, smiles or daily life moments that stick in my mind and which I bring back with me to become part of my-self.  And which are the fuel for my next trip.

So, see you next time, I better get going and start to plan my next travel destination!!


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