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We all hear that moving to another country is a challenging decision. It means getting out of your comfort zone, adapting yourself to a new culture and lifestyle, learning a new language and new rules, it means a constant reorder of ideas and the loss of your previous references; it means a brand-new state of mind and the discovery of a new self. Actually it is about the discovery of the new Self that I want to write about today.

One time a very good friend of mine told me:

“Sometimes the wrong train takes us to the right station”

At the beginning when I moved to Austria, I felt as if I had got the wrong train, although the feeling of moving was stronger than the train itself. It was a big struggle, a fight against an enemy that most of the time was ME. A ride that meant going through every aspect of my personality and trying to figure out the pieces.

Moving to another country has been a good school for me. Among my  new schoolmates and first bond to the country were the Instagramers in Vienna and Instagramers Austria. With them I felt more connected, with them I got to know the many undercovered stories and corners of Vienna (I actually found out an unusual ´Third Man` underground Vienna) , with them I shared and deepened my passion for photography.  My enthusiasm for sports also broadened as I participated in different outdoor activities and joined different groups. One of them was the Vienna Hikers. I found out that Austria has not only an outstanding alpine landscape, the nature also offers a wide variety of fascinating colourful scenarios throughout the year. If you are a nature lover, please don´t forget to put Austria on your top list !!!

Step by step, I´ve learned how change could actually make us grow and how getting out of your comfort zone is definitely the way to go, the door that opens access to a new world of hidden selves that were imprisoned in YOU. The key word(s) is keep exploring, inquire, travel but don´t forget to stop when needed and take time to appreciate what´s around you.

Doing a retrospective of my last four years living in Vienna, I can say that moving to another country  is a hard-won victory!!!

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  1. ana Morgado

    hey i agree it s a hard won victory .
    so happy for you , for all that you have accomplished , you are an inspiration and i m so glad that you took the wrong train…😉

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